Emergency Response Services

Our disaster recovery and facility emergency services are available 24/7. Our efficient, safety-oriented commercial restoration services get you back in business quickly.

Rapid and Professional Disaster Recovery, Restoration, and Reconstruction Services

Disaster downtime affects your company’s credibility, clients, employees, and bottom line every minute. Whether smoke or fire damage, asbestos or mold conditions, water leaks, or a flood causes damage and contamination, you need an emergency response services professional who is fast and has the experience and skill to handle it all safely.

Our professional emergency response services team performs rapid and safe damage restoration, cleaning, and repair with skill, dedication, and timeliness. Thanks to our specialized restoration cleansing techniques and advanced equipment, you can return to normal business operations promptly.

Taking all operations, safety, and hazardous elements into consideration, we respond 24/7 in natural disasters and other emergencies to restore commercial properties to their pre-loss condition.

Emergency response services:

  • Fire and Smoke Restoration

  • Water and Storm Damage Mitigation

  • Document Recovery Services

  • Mold and Asbestos Remediation

CBM’s Emergency Response Services Cover All Aspects of Recovery

Our water intrusion experts evaluate your situation and create a plan to handle containment and mitigation to contain damage, prevent spread, prevent intrusion, provide the fastest drying time and coordinate complete cleanup of your facility.

One cannot always see smoke and fire damage on the surface, so our seasoned fire and smoke mitigation teams conduct industrial hygienic testing to determine smoke’s path and penetration. Upon completing the comprehensive cleanup, we work on follow-up testing to ensure the area is safe for use. Our teams also handle the extensive reconstruction of burned buildings and the inventory and gathering of evidence for insurance claims on damaged assets.

The presence of mold or asbestos in commercial buildings poses a significant risk to the public. Using CBM’s restoration services, you can eliminate mold entirely and rapidly, preventing the spread to other areas. Our teams have the tools and experience to restore critical safety to the facility by identifying all contaminated areas and can remediate the contamination thoroughly. We ensure safe reentry to exposed areas of the building by conducting industrial hygienic testing before and after restoration.

Damage to a business’s documents by water causes costly business losses and loss of critical information. Document recovery laboratories at CBM enable the retrieval of documents that would otherwise be considered lost. We expertly remove water and moisture from paper manuscripts and collections using freeze-drying chambers in our document laboratories. Freeze-drying produces documents that are easy to handle and do not emit any odors. These documents often contain sensitive information or are valuable company assets, such as intellectual property. While adhering to all local and national legal regulations, CBM provides thorough security measures to protect business information on documents. In addition, we offer secure destruction of files that have been restored or are no longer required.


  • Water intrusion 24/7 response

  • Water infiltration assessment

  • Containment of water damage and spread prevention

  • Water intrusion prevention

  • Water removal and fast-drying processes

  • Water damage restoration

  • Final cleanup


  • Industrial hygienic testing of smoke path and penetration

  • Cleaning process planning

  • Thorough cleanup

  • Smoke damage remediation

  • Long-term reconstruction

  • Assist the business asset and insurance agency teams in inventorying and establishing evidence for claims on assets lost in the fire

  • Re-testing for safety before the reentry of business personnel


  • Identify mold contamination

  • Eliminate mold and prevent the spread

  • Asbestos inspection

  • Asbestos testing

  • Asbestos abatement

  • Pre- and post-remediation hygienic testing to ensure safe reentry into exposed areas


  • Processing and recovery of water-damaged documents

  • Dedicated laboratories with freeze-drying chambers for removing moisture from papers and collections

  • Provide recovered documents, records, intellectual property, or sensitive information that are easily handled and are odor-free

  • Protect business information contained in the documents following local and national legal requirements
  • Secure destruction of restored or unretained files